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Calodar under the microscope

One specialty, many products: everything when it comes to bathroom equipment

Calodar is a distributor of bathroom equipment. For more than 60 years already, the company focuses on this business only. This results in comprehensive expertise when it comes to products, their application and their possibilities. And it ensures waterproof knowledge of the bathroom market.

However, this specialisation does not stand in the way of Calodar's huge offer containing thousands of articles. Our motivation: we want to present as complete an offer as is humanly possible to fit out or install bathrooms or toilets. So you will find absolutely everything with us: from the tiniest screw or drain elbow over baths, washbasins and lavatories up to towel racks or soap dishes.

One quality, many styles: the best for everyone's bathroom

There is no arguing about matters of taste. So that's a challenge Calodar will not take up. Quite to the contrary, the company wants to make sure that everyone can bath as he or she wants. A traditional or very trendy bathroom or just a functional shower cabinet, everything is possible. To this purpose, the Calodar team closely monitors what renowned manufacturers are developing and makes a selection of their offer. At the same time, we check among dealers and consumers what the needs and trends are to start designing ourselves.

Apart from style, we do not argue about the quality of our offer either. We set the highest quality standards to manufacturers delivering  to us or manufacturing goods on Calodar's behalf, no exceptions allowed. We as a company also observe the strictest standards in everything we do: only the best can be good enough to be allowed to carry our brand names Lafiness and Saninstal.

One establishment, many outlets: an offer that fits the bill, always, everywhere

The impressively large warehouses of Calodar are situated in Ham. There, our numerous articles are delivered, stored and distributed. Everything is organised centrally and for the greatest part controlled automatically to ensure a fast, efficient and, above all, faultless distribution.

From Ham, our products are sent in all directions. Because the Calodar offer is very diverse as to product type, style and price, some parts are sold in DIY shops whereas others are sold by professional fitters and dealers across the country. Obviously, this is not done at random: profound market studies and clear agreements with customers ensure that, in the end, everyone has a product range that fits its audience.

One service package, many results: customer satisfaction is our key objective

Calodar offers its diverse product range inclusive of service. Very fast out-of-stock deliveries, all-inclusive informative and commercial support with regard to our product range and the decoration and fitting out of showrooms, a comprehensive after-sales service: this is but a fraction of what we have to offer.

Our purpose? Satisfaction. Among consumers as they can choose according to their taste, needs and budget or because they are served fast and efficiently. But definitely also among dealers, shop managers and fitters as they are the ones who will spread Calodar's name and fame. For these experts in bathroom equipment, always being able to count on everything they need so that they as well can deliver top quality and render excellent service is self-evident.