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Working in our team

You have a keen interest in everything connected to water and bathing? You have refreshing insights in technique? Or you are bursting with waterproof commercial ideas? Please don't click away! We at Calodar welcome talented persons (m/f) with expertise in bathroom equipment and/or the bathroom equipment market. Find out here whom we are looking for to do what.

Who works for Calodar?

At the moment, the Calodar team consists of 75 employees. As we are a distribution company, it should not be a surprise that quite a considerable part of them are engaged in purchasing and selling our Lafiness and Saninstal product range. Both in our inside and outside service, they demonstrate their commercial flair and expertise, preferably in 2 languages (Dutch and French). But as we do much more and offer our product inclusive of a comprehensive professional service, there is plenty of other work to do as well. Our activities also require quite some administration for which accuracy and organisational skills are very important. Also our big warehouse must of course be manned (by both men and women) as fork-lift trucks, lorries, packaging machines etc. can do nothing on their own. Our most handy Harry's are responsible for installing bathrooms both in our own showroom and for some of our dealers.

Why choose for Calodar?

Calodar is an established name in the industry and with a history of more than 60 years it should be obvious that we can offer our employees stable and secure jobs. On the other hand, the industry in which we are active is continuously in evolution, which also keeps things interesting. When starting in a certain position, employees receive a fixed job description. This does, however, not imply that you cannot be creative and that you would not be allowed at any moment to look beyond your own assignments. Pay is geared to your job, commitment and experience. And as money alone does not bring happiness, we also create a pleasant atmosphere. For instance, by going out and have dinner together or by playing a friendly soccer game. So we can honestly say that a cold shower is something you definitely will not have to expect.

Which vacancies do we have?

We have no vacancies at the moment. You can, however, apply spontaneously and have your data entered in our database. When later on we notice that we do need someone like you, we will certainly establish contact. Complete the form below or send your cv to Caroline Van der Voort via

You want to apply spontaneously? You can do so using the button 'Spontaneous application' in the top right corner.